The curious thing about relationships.

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In my years of counselling I have found a curious trend.  Why is it that we treat our partner worse than anyone else in our life?  We will say mean things and treat them disrespectfully.  Is it that we feel that we can exercise some control over them?  Or that we feel that they should do everything our way?  My challenge for all who read this is to start to treat your partner – you know the one that you decided to spend the rest of your life with – with respect, dignity and kindness.  When your partner disappoints you, try responding with respect telling them that it upsets you when they…… because you feel lonely, disrespected, not valued – if you can respond from your true feelings (hurt, disappointment, fear etc) rather than from anger, you will find that you can resolve issues with more empathy and not do damage to the connection with your partner.  Make a contract with your partner to start to treat each other with more kindness and empathy, your relationship will thank you.  Dream Big Anything is Possible.  Deanne

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