“I went to Deanne looking for some help with a stressful relationship.  She really listened to what I was saying and how I was saying it and recognized something that nobody else had ever seen…..my Anxiety.   I’m 38 years old and I’ve lived with OCD, Depression and Anxiety my entire life without really understanding what was wrong or what I could do about it.   With Deanne’s guidance and knowledge I became empowered to live my life feeling comfortable and in control.  Not only did I find the answers that I needed to resolve my relationship issues, but I’m also happier and healthier than I ever thought possible.”

“I was hesitant at first to go for counselling, but I was very pleasantly surprised.  My sessions with Deanne changed my life!”

“We would not have gotten through this rough patch in our marriage without you Deanne!  We are so thank you for the time we spent with you.”

“Seeing Deanne really helped me.  I felt so good and in control when I left, like I was able to handle the issues in my relationships better.  Deanne had great ideas on new ways to communicate and express myself. I am so happy I found her”

“Deanne helped me to gain insight and a new perspective into what was holding me back and I am so thankful for her kind, but firm approach and guidance.”