Now offering Clinical Hypnotherapy

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Heart to Heart Counselling is pleased to announce we are now offering Clinical Hypnotherapy.  

Clinical Hypnotherapy is your typical “stage” hypnosis that you would see on TV or the big stage.  It is a deeper meditative state in which you can access the subconscious, process and heal the past, break old dysfunctional beliefs and habits and can assist you in creating your best self/life.

What you need to know it that you are in complete control at all times during clinical hypnotherapy.  You  are completely aware of what is happening, you can say no or stop and make requests at any time during the process.

Topics of focus include, but are not limited to:  smoking cessation, weight release, enhancing performance, dealing with performance anxiety, chronic pain, lower blood pressure, behaviour modification, dealing with stress/allergies/fears and phobias.

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