Getting Started with Relationship Counselling

By offering one on one relationship counselling she focuses on fostering insight and self-awareness, as well as providing encouragement, support and healing tools that inspire clients to reclaim their personal power. She believes that clients need to be heard, validated and understood. Deanne has a private office in downtown Kelowna.

The First Step

Starting anew The first step to feeling better about yourself and your relationship is to admit that there is a problem with it. Only through understanding our problems can we begin to find the solution. That is what Deanne is here to help you discover. Through her passion and experience she will be able to help you identify the root of your relationship problems, and from there help you find the proper solution together.

Sometimes it can be difficult to convince your spouse that there is a problem in your relationship, or perhaps they have decided that they would rather ignore it. If such is the case you can give Heart to Heart a call yourself, and speak with Deanne. She will be able to coach you one on one in communication, so that you may address the issue to your spouse yourself and hopefully have them join you in relationship counselling.

What is Relationship Counselling?

Deanne can have one on one counselling sessions with you, as well as a group session with your partner. She will speak with each of you to discover feelings and reasons behind them. Together the three of you will embark on a journey of the heart while discussing possible solutions for your relationship. Sometimes a little help communicating can go a long way.