Marriage and Relationship Counselling

Deanne focuses much of her practice working with couples. Deanne understands the emotions and sensitivity linked to the difficult times in a relationship/marriage and can guide you to better understand these feelings and how to begin the healing process together.

Whether you are a young couple just starting out on the road of life together or you have been together for 20 years, Deanne is willing to sit down with you and work out those tense emotions and get your relationship on track once again.

What Can Heart to Heart Help You With?

  • Communication Between Spouses
  • Dealing with Divorce
  • Infidelity and Adultery
  • Love and Intimacy
  • Marriage and Couples Counseling
  • Pre-marital Counseling
  • Separation
  • Co-parenting

With the right guidance and confidence you can get your life back on track and begin focusing on the parts in your life that truly matter while enjoying it along the way.

Communication Between Spouses

Communication can be a difficult skill to develop in a relationship. Being scared to voice your thoughts or not knowing how to put them into words. These are important aspects of any relationship. Heart to Heart Counselling can get the lines of communication open so we can explore the root of the silence.

Pre-Marital Counselling – Marriage Prep

Deanne believes that every couple would benefit from a few sessions with Heart to Heart Counselling when starting a new relatioship.  With the divorce rate being reported between 50 – 67% how about starting off on the right foot?

Deanne can help guide you through learning:

  • healthy communication skills
  • how to disagree without having a battle
  • positive conflict resolution and problem solving skills
  • how to avoid common pitfalls
  • develop a vast tool kit of coping skills which is the key to creating a lasting, loving harmonious relationship

Cold feet can also come before a wedding, or we may have questions.  Heart to Heart Counselling can help you ease your worries so you can be sure to enjoy a long life together.

Dealing with divorce

After experiencing her own divorce, Deanne understands the sensitive emotions that are flooding through your mind and body in this difficult time. She can help you stabilize your feelings and get your mind focused on what is important to you. This is a hard time to live though but with the proper guidance, Deanne can support you through this time and help you develop tools to cope.

Infidelity and Adultery

This can be the most challenging time in a relationship, and is a very sensitive moment for all of those involved.  Deanne’s experience and training in this field can help you figure out the emotions involved and help you find the way through this tough time.

Love and Intimacy

Heart to Heart understands that love and intimacy can be difficult to handle for some individuals. Deanne can help ease this uncomfortable feeling and open you to this wonderful adventure of the heart with gradual steps.

Marriage and Couples Counselling

We all go through difficult time in our relationships whether it be from the stress of work, feeling disconnect, financial strife, raising and disciplining the children, or whether to have children or not, or any other issue that may arise. Deanne is here to help guide and support you both.


If your relationship is going through some hard times and you have decided to try a separation over divorce, Heart to Heart Counselling can help you make the right choices and guide you through this confusing and painful time and decide what is next for you as individuals and as a couple.


Divorce can be hard, but it can be even more damaging to your children if you do not find a good solution to custody battles and co-parenting together. Deanne can coach you through these troubling and often frustrating times to ensure that all parties involved are receiving the best care and attention that they need.