What is Counselling?

Counselling is a collaborative effort between client and counsellor to identify goals. Communication here is key, therefore it is a journey that a person must take voluntarily, without pressure or being forced to do so. Together client and counsellor will work to discover what it is preventing you from making your life everything it should be. It is a process that empowers individuals to regain control of their lives.

Counselling gives a safe and confidential environment for clients to express their feelings and emotions. A counsellor will never share what the client describes within your counselling sessions. The client is safe to express any feeling and emotion that may be causing stress in their life.

It’s a counsellor’s job to listen to a client, and encourage them to seek a solution to their concerns. Counsellors do not judge and are impartial to any issues, and reflect a clients worries so that they are able to see problems from another perspective.

Why Do You Need Counselling?

If you are having problems, issues or dilemmas that are getting in the way of the life you wish to live, counselling is an active form of addressing, clarifying and dealing with what may be cause.

Are you facing one or more of the following concerns?

  • difficulty expressing emotional concerns
  • identifying issues
  • moving forward with your life
  • limiting beliefs
  • anxiety problems
  • experiencing major life changes
  • dealing with separation or divorce
  • loss or grief
  • have no one you can confide in

There are many other reasons you may wish to seek counselling. Whatever the issue, you can be confident that your discussions and sessions will not be shared with anyone and you have complete confidentiality.